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Driverless Car to Begin Cross Country Trip

Delphi Automotive PLC's driverless-car Delphi Automotive PLC's driverless-car will be embarking on a road trip across the country today. The 3,500-mile trip from California to New York is the longest automated drive ever attempted in North America.Read More

The Stig Delivers Jeremy Clarkson Petition to the BBC… in a Tank

The Stig Delivers Jeremy Clarkson Petition to the BBC… in a Tank The Stig has delivered a petition with nearly one million signatures to the BBC in a bid to get Clarkson reinstated following his 'fracas' with a producer (read that story here). Someone dressed as Top Gear's tame racing driver caused scenes in London today by posing on top of a moving tank, as it took to the streets of Central London.Read More

Google Self Driving Cars Standard in 5 Years?

That is what one Google Executive would like. Chris Urmson, the director of self-driving cars at Google, is committed to ensuring autonomous vehicles are standard within five years. Why you might ask? Because he wants his 11 year old son to never have to take the driver's test.Read More

Tesla’s Cure for Range Anxiety

Tesla's Cure for Range Anxiety Tesla announced that they want to end range anxiety. How are they going to do it? Tesla has come up with a software update that basically makes it impossible for a driver to run out of range (unless they want to).Read More

Flying Car in 2017?

AeroMobil Flying Car Last year, AeroMobil unveiled its latest prototype of an elongated, road-ready vehicle with folding wings. This vehicle could navigate both city traffic and the airspace.Read More