Driverless Car to Begin Cross Country Trip

Delphi Automotive PLC's driverless-car

Delphi Automotive PLC’s driverless-car will be embarking on a road trip across the country today. The 3,500-mile trip from California to New York is the longest automated drive ever attempted in North America.

Jeff Owens (Delphi’s Chief Technology Officer) said the car has been successfully tested on streets in California and Las Vegas, but the cross-country trip will be the car’s ultimate test. “The vehicle will be challenged under a variety of driving conditions from changing weather and terrain to potential road hazards — things that could never truly be testing in a lab,” the press release says.

The car is supposedly able to navigate 4-way stops, merge onto highways and even maneuver around bicyclists without a driver. Of coarse, for safety reasons, there will be a driver in the car ready to take over if need be. The coast-to-coast trip is scheduled to start near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco today.

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