Tesla Model S Gets Autopilot and AWD

Tesla Model S Gets Autopilot and AWD Tesla's electric Model S has proven a very technically advanced car, except in regards to driver assistance systems. However, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced at an event in Los Angeles that every car manufactured over the last two weeks comes with new sensor hardware to enable what he calls Autopilot capabilities.Read More

No Porsche Entry-Level Roadster – Again

No Porsche Entry-Level Roadster - Again After thinking about it long and hard, Porsche has abandoned the idea of building an entry-level roadster. Porsche considered a Boxster-based mid-engine roadster named 718, insiders have said. It was aimed to be shorter, lighter and less expensive than the Boxster.Read More

Hennessey 2015 Mustang GT – 717 hp

Hennessey 2015 Mustang GT - 717 hp It’s been an exciting few months for the American auto industry. First, we had the undeniably badass 505-hp Camaro Z/28, and then came the 707-hp Challenger Hellcat followed by the 650-hp Corvette Z06. Texas tuner Hennessey wanted in on the action, and came up with the sinister HPE700 Mustang, based on Ford's new-for-2015 pony car.Read More

Civic Type R at the Paris Motor Show

Civic Type R The Paris motor show won't be the first time we see the upcoming Honda Civic Type R -- technically still a concept, according to the automaker -- but we are learning a bit more about this intriguing, hot hatch which apparently won’t be headed to the United States.Read More

First Challenger SRT Hellcat sells for $825,000

First Challenger SRT Hellcat The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat VIN0001 sold for $825,000 at the Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson Auction on Saturday night. To the surprise of no one, Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and serial VIN0001-buyer, bought the 707-hp collectable.Read More