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Driverless Car to Begin Cross Country Trip

Delphi Automotive PLC's driverless-car Delphi Automotive PLC's driverless-car will be embarking on a road trip across the country today. The 3,500-mile trip from California to New York is the longest automated drive ever attempted in North America.Read More

Google Self Driving Cars Standard in 5 Years?

That is what one Google Executive would like. Chris Urmson, the director of self-driving cars at Google, is committed to ensuring autonomous vehicles are standard within five years. Why you might ask? Because he wants his 11 year old son to never have to take the driver's test.Read More

Audi’s A7 Self-Driving Road Trip

Audi's A7 Self-Driving Road Trip Last year, during a ride in Audi's self-driving car, the system failed on the freeway and the driver had to take over. After a year of development, Audi must have fixed all the glitches. Audi is now sending an A7 fitted with its self-driving gear on a two day road trip from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas, and the 2015 International CES. A total of 550 miles (give or take a few).Read More

Most Motorists Think Self-Driving Cars Are ‘Dangerous’

A new poll reveals that car owners are still leery of self-driving vehicles, even if they do want the safest bits of the technology installed on their new rides. In the online poll of over a thousand people, conducted by Harris on behalf of, 65 percent of respondents expressed that they felt autonomous vehicles are "a dangerous idea."Read More

Watch an Autonomous Audi Race Around a Track

Most people who've been keeping up with developments in the field of autonomous cars are impressed by various self-driving vehicles moving gingerly around a fake town. But how about an autonomous car racing around a track?Read More