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Tesla Roadster 3.0 Package Prototype Announced

TESLA ROADSTER 3.0 PACKAGE PROTOTYPE ANNOUNCED Once a car company ceases to manufacture a particular model, it is relegated to history, largely forgotten by its maker. Sure, warranties are honored and recall-worthy items are (hopefully) taken responsibility for, but post-production improvements are left up owners and the aftermarket. With the announcement of the Roadster 3.0 package, Tesla once again reminds us it is not most car companies.Read More

No Porsche Entry-Level Roadster – Again

No Porsche Entry-Level Roadster - Again After thinking about it long and hard, Porsche has abandoned the idea of building an entry-level roadster. Porsche considered a Boxster-based mid-engine roadster named 718, insiders have said. It was aimed to be shorter, lighter and less expensive than the Boxster.Read More