Top Gear’s Reasonably Priced Car Sells at Auction

Top Gear Reasonably Priced Car

The Top Gear reasonably priced car – the Vauxhall Astra, that various stars raced in a segment of the show brought in 17,800 British pounds ($26,400) at an auction in December. The hatchback only has 2,908 miles on the clock, but has some hard miles and some damage from some of its drivers.

It took 67 bids total and ended with a price that is about double what an Astra without such fame is usually worth. This Vauxhall is no longer legal for street use because it was fitted with a roll cage and the airbags are disabled, however I am sure that the new owner is telling his friends he has a car that Hugh Jackman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Smith, and many others have driven on one of the biggest TV shows in the world.

Proceeds from the sale went to auto industry charity BEN, which helps those who work, or have worked in the automotive and related industries, as well as their dependents. So is this a car that you would have liked to purchase? For me, I would have liked one shot of driving it around the track to see how I compare.

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